problems with dos-clients

Dungler Helga helga.dungler at
Wed Apr 19 09:56:21 GMT 2000

I have the following problem. Please, can somebody help me.

I have a DOS-Client and want to use a SAMBA-Fileshare. 
I can connect to the SAMBA-Fileshare, read and write files in the
SAMBA-Fileshare, but I cannot start a DOS-program (for example mem) on the
client, when the DOS-program ist stored in the fileshare. 

I have only the problem with SAMBA V2.0.6. Working with SAMBA V2.0.5 I can
start DOS-programs, which are stored in the fileshare

-  Server
   - Linux SUSE V6.4
   - SAMBA V2.0.6
-  Client
   -  DOS V6.22
   -  Novell Lan Worplace with ODI-Stack
   -  MS LanManager basic for DOS

My E-Mail-address:  helga.dungler at

Helga Dungler

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