server response slow...

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Apr 19 05:07:07 GMT 2000

[Jiann-Ming Su]
> after we switched to the WAN wins server.  The samba server is still
> local, but in order for us to see the rest of the WAN, we had to
> switch from the samba wins server to the WAN wins server.
> When you click on a file to open, it waits a second or so before the
> contents actually pop up.  We are switched directly to the samba
> server.  Transfer rates are still very good.  Any clues on how this
> can be solved would be greatly appreciated.

1. Perhaps the best/simplest option if you have a small local network
is to add your local hosts to C:\WINDOWS\LMHOSTS (or wherever it lives
on Win98) on each machine.  This assumes they have static IP numbers.
If that isn't a practical suggestion...

2. On Windoze clients you usually are allowed to specify two WINS
servers.  Try making your Samba server a WINS server again, and using
that as your primary.  I don't know if that will work.  If not...

3. Try changing your node type from H ("hybrid") to M ("mixed").  M
means NetBIOS will broadcast first, then use WINS.  I have no clue how
to set this within Windows, but if you use DHCP, add:

  # 1:(B)bcast only, 2:(P)wins only, 4:(M)bcast first, 8:(H)wins first
  option netbios-node-type 4;

to the appropriate options section of your dhcpd.conf file.  Caveat: I
haven't tried this so I don't know if the clients actually honor it.
Also, I'm assuming ISC dhcpd for Unix; I have no experience with the
DHCP server on NT.


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