SAMBA digest 2491

werner maes werner.maes at
Tue Apr 18 07:29:21 GMT 2000

>>When I look in log.smb I see this error:
>>[date] [time]: smbd/password.c: password_ok (551)
>>Error: challenge not done for user = werner
>>I receive this error each time I make a connection with a share on
>>There's no problem with the connection, but I always see this message
>>in the logs.
>>This is my configuration (briefly):
>>security = server
>>encrypt passwords = no
>>password server = server2
>>security = user
>>encrypt passwords = no
>>Does anyone know what this error means?
>>Thanks a lot,
>>Werner Maes
>The problem is (as I read about week ago on this list) that you have not 
>defined the user werner (can be with password * and shell /dev/null) on 
>server2 - ever if you use force user = some_user_on_server2 (as I have 
>used) it doesn't work.

I know that you must have defined the user on the local server even when
you refer to a password server. I have done this with a valid password and
I even can make a valid connection, but I receive this error. Maybe it's
I use 'encrypt passwords = no', I don't know (it's the first time I see
this error).

User werner: account on local server1 (only in /etc/passwd)
             account on password server2 (only in /etc/passwd).

Since I've set 'encrypt passwords = no', I do not need /etc/smbpasswd.

Any ideas?


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