Win98 slowdown lockup problems (Resolved)

John P Santos jpsantos at
Tue Apr 18 04:27:18 GMT 2000

Well I have spent the last three days pulling my hair out over why I
couldn't copy files out of samba shares from my linux server.  The answer
came today after I signed up to this mailing list, and ironically the
answer was in the documentation all along.

The solution is read raw, an option that is on by default which increases
packet sizes up to 64k.  Problems occur when clients have buggy protocols
for negociating packet sizes (like some MS products, including of course
the ubiquitous Win98).  Turning it off seems to solve the lockups that
plague Win98 machines connecting to a Samba server (or at least to my
Linux box).

More information can be found in Speed.txt and the man pages for smb.conf.

If anyone has found an alternate solution please let me know as I have
only been messing with samba for about a week and I would love to know
more esoterica that help me get it working.


John P Santos

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