rpcclient Shutdown

Warren Beckett wjb at amcs.com.au
Tue Apr 18 01:46:20 GMT 2000

I have compile rpcclient using the last CVS, and have some questions
regarding it.
I would like to use rpcclient with perl to do a remote shutdown to NT
Workstations on lan.

>From my linux box ( Running Samba 2.0.6 ) I can successfully connect to
the remote NT4.0 Wks, but
the list of commands that I have access is only

regenum        regdeletekey   regcreatekey   regquerykey    regdeleteval

regcreateval   reggetsec      regtestsec     ntlogin        wksinfo

srvinfo        srvsessions    srvshares      srvconnections srvfiles

lsaquery       lookupsids     enumusers      ntpass         samuser

samtest        enumaliases    samgroups      quit           q

exit           bye            help           ?              !

I was underthe immpress that there was a SHUTDOWN command which could be
issued, but it doesnot seem to be avaible. 

Any Idears? I feel like I have forgot to do something. But I really
don't know what it is..

Thanks In Advance 8)


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