server response slow...

Jiann-Ming Su js1 at
Mon Apr 17 18:16:40 GMT 2000

after we switched to the WAN wins server.  The samba server is still local,
but in order for us to see the rest of the WAN, we had to switch from the
samba wins server to the WAN wins server.  The thing is, it seems to be
slow only for Win98 clients.  WinNT seems to perform without problems.
The specific app is VC++ trying to read files off the server.  When you 
click on a file to open, it waits a second or so before the contents actually
pop up.  We are switched directly to the samba server.  Transfer rates
are still very good.  Any clues on how this can be solved would be
greatly appreciated. 

Jiann-Ming Su, js1 at
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