printing with smbclient

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon Apr 17 01:21:54 GMT 2000

[Adam Miller]
> I'm trying to print remotely using smbclient to a HPLJIII hooked up
> to a Win95 machine.  It seems to go fine, except that the printer
> doesn't seem to want to print the last page unless I reset it.
> Ordinary printing by any other means works fine.  I'm guessing this
> is due to something not passing a formfeed on to the printer.

By "any other means", are you including the old standard test, from
your Windows machine:

  C:\>copy autoexec.bat \\mycomputer\myprinter

If *that* test feeds the last page through ok, then (as R.E.M. would
have it) "there's something strange going on tonight".

But anyway, try adding a formfeed to smbclient, see if it helps:

  echo \\014\\c | cat foo.txt - | smbclient //win95/printer -P -c 'tr; print -'


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