Samba technical question

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Apr 16 22:20:14 GMT 2000

[Stinson, Ron]
> We have been using Samba on a Free BSD machine for about a year.
> Everything works well connecting from our NT workstations.  We just
> added another subnet to our LAN, and workstations on the new subnet
> cannot access the Samba server.

You haven't turned on the Samba WINS server.  Add this to `smb.conf':

  wins support = yes

Also, if you use DHCP (highly recommended, if you can), add this to
`dhcpd.conf' so you don't have to specify it on your clients:

  option netbios-name-servers a.b.c.d;

Finally, if you have any other Samba servers, remember to use the
`smb.conf' option:

  wins server = a.b.c.d


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