HELP? Cant rename folders from win2k

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Apr 16 20:31:35 GMT 2000

[Sean Penticoff]
> Samba v2.0.4b running on SunOS 5.7 and another on SunOS 5.6
> Everything works great under W95,W98, NT4 and Win2k except you are
> unable to rename folders from a win2k machine
> I see 2.0.6 is out (though I didn't see this problem as one of the
> fixes) I guess that will be the next course of action if this fails
> but I'm not looking forward to dealing with the big sun in the other
> room it hates me more than my ex.

If you are going to go to the trouble of upgrading anyway, try
2.0.7pre4, soon to be 2.0.7.  It is said to fix several more Win2k
issues.  I do not know if your "rename directory" or your "cannot
resolve usernames" are among them.


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