three problems

Pär Andersson dt98paan at
Sun Apr 16 13:09:57 GMT 2000

(sorry if you get this twice)
Hi. I have three diffrent problems/questions. I am gratefull for any
ideas. If you need info about my smb.conf files tell me.

1. I have the same problem as Steffen Moser and Rudolf Kollien. Computers
that have been turned of for days still show in the Network Neiberhood on
windows clients. The wins server is on another subnet than the
clients and is using samba (wins support=yes).

2. Uploads with smbclient is really slow. I can download things at normal
speed for our lan, but uploads are really slow. I can also download from
my computer at full speed. However, if I use smbmount and then copies the
file I to the smbmounted dir I get good speed. So the problem seems
to be in smbclient. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

3. Is it posible to get nmbd to tell the wins server another IP than the
acctual IP of the computer it is runing on? 
The reason that I want to do this is that the machine is behind a OpenBSD
computer using NAT (bimap acctualy). All trafic to is an ip
alias on the BSD computer) acctually gets to samba server).
The problem is off course that nmbd tells the wins server that it has the
IP, when the only IP people can reach it on is
(smbclient with -I works perfect, but most people on the lan use

//Pär Andersson <dt98paan at>

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