question SCO Unix with WindowNT 4.0

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Apr 15 18:43:04 GMT 2000

[Sharief Muradin]
> I am using a SCO Unix system version 2.1.2 where I develop some
> application. This SCO Unix system is connected to a TCP/IP network.
> On the same segment also a NT 4.0 server is running. This NT server
> makes each day a backup of some directories on the NT server.

So you want to store the files on the NT server for the purpose of
backing them up regularly.  What you want is a product called Sharity.
(Pointers exist somewhere on the Samba web site.)

But actually, in my opinion, what you really want is to leave the
directory tree on your SCO box and share it using Samba, then have the
NT server mount this share and back it up.

How to configure all this depends a great deal on what kind of backup
software you have on NT.  From the SCO end, you probably don't need an
elaborate setup; read the Samba docs for how to create a simple share.


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