Computerworld reporter looking for Samba success stories

Dominique Deckmyn ddeckmyn at
Fri Apr 14 17:37:04 GMT 2000

For a story in Computerworld, I am looking for Samba success stories in
corporate America. I am attempting to chart the emergence of Samba as an
alternative to NT and NetWare.

I am looking for companies that (more or less) fit the following

-	Large corporation in the US (not university and such)
-	Preferably not a company that sells IT products or services
-	Already using or planning to use Samba on a large scale (not just a couple
of servers in a corner)
-	Willing to discuss reasons for adopting Samba
-	Willing to discuss cost of ownership benefits realized or anticipated

I am especially interested in networks where Samba coexists with Microsoft
technologies and/or that are migrating from NT to Samba.

If you are willing to talk about your Samba implementation, let me know.
Over the next few weeks, I will be conducting telephone interviews of about
30 minutes with three or four nice cases for my story. If your company
requires this, I will of course contact your public relations department

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