Remote backups of Unix machines

Duncan Hill dhill at
Fri Apr 14 14:07:00 GMT 2000

My boss asked me to investigate a free (as in no cost) solution that
would allow us to archive our AIX server onto the 12 gig tape drive
sitting on our Linux server.

I tried doing an SMB share with valid user set to root, but this
apparently loses the permissions that the AIX box uses (everything is
owned root/root), making it rather useless for backup and restore.

Can SMB do what I need, or should I look at something like NFS?  

We do have a central Novell server that does backups, but my
nderstanding is that the last time they tried to put the client
(Arcserve) on a Unix box, it destroyed the unix box somehow.  Once
bitten, twice shy.


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