changing smbpasswd from NT4 client (its not happening)

Al & Pete allipete at
Fri Apr 14 11:42:31 GMT 2000

I have been told that Samba automatically updates smbpasswd file when a corresponding
client changes their password on NT, and that this works, even though there is no
domain or PDC.

my problem is that this is not happening for  me.  Nothing seems to happen on Samba when
NT password is changed.

I have Samba 2.0.6 running on Solaris 7 serving files and printers to NT4 clients in a peer to peer network.

Samba seems to running fine, can browse and access shares etc.

Samba is using the smbpasswd file to determine access to shares, I checked this by changing the passwords
in smbpassword and then mapping from NT box using various passwords.  I am sure its using the smbpasswd file for this.

I do not have smbpasswd file in the default directory (private/smbpasswd).   Interestingly, the 
smbpasswd command tries to access the default directory, even though I have set it to the new directory
both in compile and in the  smb.conf   file.

I have tried setting passwd chat debug as suggested to me, but it doesn't seem to put anything in the log file when I change the NT password.    Am I missing something really basic here?  I am new,  but I have done a 
fair bit of reading on this problem,  

 Any advice or suggestions on what I might be missing would be appreciated.

thanks for taking the time to help
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