slow upload fast download

Theo Purmer (Tepucom) theo at
Fri Apr 14 00:35:42 GMT 2000

Hi all,

Am kinda new here but have gone through a lot of
doc and still havent found the solution to my samba

Im running samba 2.05 on freebsd 3.3.

on a windows 98 machine i can download from the
samba machine at record speed all the dials of the
sniffer go in the red...

upload to the samba machine go REAL slow. i reach
about 5% of the download speed.(ftp is much faster)

ive sent the nmbcluster parameter in the kernel
and the tcp_nodelay + so_sndbuf and so_rcvbuf param
in the smb.conf file.

Is there anybody out there who has seen this before?


theo purmer

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