deletion of symlinks from Windows Clients

Michael Marschall mmarschall at
Thu Apr 13 17:43:28 GMT 2000


I would like to use symlinks to give my users access to all folders they
need right from their home directory. I create the symlinks as root and
they cannot delete the symlink in their home directory from windows.
However when they try to delete the folder (ie highlight it and hit the
delete key from windows) the contents of the folder is deleteable (if
they have write access to the folder) even though the symlink is not
deleteable. I need these users to have write access to many of these
folders. It seems that Windows wants to recursively delete the contents
of the symlinked folder and then delete the folder; which is Window's
default behavior for deleteing a folder but not UNIX's in regard to
symlinks. Does anybody know of a way around this. I guess I just want to
avoid the casual deletion of an smylinked folder by one of my users.

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