Join NT domain w/o using Server Manager?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Apr 13 02:24:36 GMT 2000

[Eric Milligan]
  [quoting Jeremy A.]
> As Samba doesn't yet implement the encrypted MS-RPC calls needed to
> use this second method I will not discuss it further here. As far as
> the effect on the domain controller account database is concerned,
> both methods are identical."

> However, this article is a bit old, and I was wondering if it still the
> case.  Could someone confirm that there is no way to join the domain w/o
> using SM for domains; or (much preferred), does anyone know of a workaround?

Samba 2.0.x, I believe this is still the case.  CVS branch "HEAD" (on
track to become 2.3.0), I'm not sure.  CVS branch "SAMBA_TNG", you
definitely can do this with `samedit' or `rpcclient'.

> Currently, we have an NT WINS server on site, where we have access to
> Server Manager for domains.  Shortly (April 15th) we will be changing
> to a corporate WINS server, and will no longer be able to utilize
> Server Manager for Domains.

Well, assuming you still have a password that gets you "Domain Admins"
status, be that DOMAIN\Administrator or whatever, you *could* just
compile rpcclient and samedit (I think they'd both work but I don't
remember which is currently recommended) from SAMBA_TNG and use those.
This amounts to running {Server|User} Manager for Domains on a remote

It may take considerable playing with to get it to work smoothly, but
the functionality is there.


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