RH 6.1 samba 2.0.7pre3 BUG!

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Thu Apr 13 02:16:22 GMT 2000

[Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski]
> I found (probably) bug in samba 2.0.x (tested 2.06 and 207pre3)
> Machine A smb.conf:
> encrypt passwords=no
> security=user
> Machine B smb.conf:
> encrypt passwords=no
> security=server
> password server=machine A
> now smbclient \\machineB\share -U user1
> If user1 exists both on machine B and A all works but if user1 exists only 
> on machine A it simply not work....

Not a bug.  The user MUST exist on the Samba server serving the files.
The only thing "password server" does is check if the user has the
right password.  The local Samba server must still use the local passwd
and group files (or nis maps) to get the full name, UID, GID, other
GIDs, and home directory.


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