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Stinson, Ron rstinson at
Wed Apr 12 17:48:46 GMT 2000


I hope you can help me with this problem.

We have been using Samba on a Free BSD machine for about a year.  Everything
works well connecting from our NT workstations.  We just added another
subnet to our LAN, and workstations on the new subnet cannot access the
Samba server.

At a workstation on the new subnet:
I followed the "Diagnosing Your Samba Server" doc, and everything works up
to Test 8, which at the workstation gives me the error "System error 53 has
occurred, The network path was not found".  But, from the same workstation
If I do a "net view" of any NT servers on the other subnet, it will work
I tried:
*	adding the IP address of the Samba server to the wins server box in
the tcp/ip setup on the PC
*	enabling WINS via DNS in the tcp/IP setup on the PC
*	adding the SAMBA server to the lmhosts file on the PC

I haven't tried the last item: "fixup the nmbd installation". I'm not sure
how to do this.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Ron Stinson
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Abatis Systems Corp.
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