swat and the print command field

Adam Miller isguest at host3.sab.wels.net
Wed Apr 12 14:52:18 GMT 2000

I've been using SWAT to configure SAMBA for file and print serving at the
organization I work at, and I ran into a hitch.
The print command we use in smb.conf is "enq -r -c -o"-dc" -P%p %s".
After SWAT updates (and when it starts up), the print command in the SWAT
display is shortened to "enq -r -c -o".
The proper print command is saved into smb.conf, but it needs to be
checked every time we make changes to smb.conf via SWAT, as SWAT shortens
it when it refreshes itself.
>From what I can tell, swat is hitching on the quote mark.  Is there any
way to get around this?

We're running SAMBA 2.0.6 in AIX

Adam Miller
isguest at sab.wels.net

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