How to assignate a password to a share ?

Peter J. Holzer hjp at
Wed Apr 12 12:18:53 GMT 2000

On 2000-04-12 03:59:13 +1000, David Barroso wrote:
> Thanks for answer, but my problem comes from i don't know how the share-level
> model works,  having readed all the documentation about samba.

Then read it again :-)
smb.conf man page and security_level.txt.

> I have one server only for printers, and i'm not interesting in user/password
> model of autentification. I'm interested on asignate a password to that
> printers.  I have proved security = share and i never can send jobs to
> the printer because it answer me for a password that i don't know.

You can't specify the password directly with the share, but you can
either create a unix user with the same name as the share or explicitely
specify the username in a "user = " directive in the share definition.
Samba will then use the password of this user (among others. See docs
für details).


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