Problems with Intel Netport Printserver and Samba

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Wed Apr 12 09:46:25 GMT 2000

G'day all,

Harondel J. Sibble wrote
>Okay, again, I can print fine from linux, samba shows both printers as
>available, windows loads the printer drivers for both printers just fine.
>However when I print a windows test page to the laser printer (lp0) it ends
up on the >inkjet at (lp), if I add a printer at lp1 with same settings as
lp0 and try printing, the >same thing happens... <sigh> 

>This problem appears to be specifically a samba issue as printing directly
>from linux, print jobs end on the correct printers and printing otherwise
>works fine, however, when printing via samba any job sent to the secondary
>port on the printserver ends up somehow printing out on the first port.

Check your smb.conf. You are looking for the entry of your printer name.
I have \\crab\marlp42 as a printer. In my smb.conf I have...
	comment=Inkjet printer under desk
	print command=lpr -r -Pmarlp42_r %s

and my printcap has entry's for a printer called marlp42 and marlp42_r
marlp42_r is the actual remote printer
marlp42 is just an entry for local use on the Unix box as I need a filter.

Maybe you have a print command entry so it always goes to lp instead of lp0

Hmm, on further inspection I notice that the IP address for lp and lp0 are
the same! but maybe that is your Intel Netport printer server.

I would suggest this is a print server problem and not samba/linux problem.
Make sure you have the queue names correct (LPT1_PASSTHRU, LPT2_PASSTHRU).
To test if samba is correct, stop the queues on linux, print via samba to
each queue and then have a look at lp and lp0 if samba/linux is OK then you
will have one job in each queue waiting to print.
(You probably find, on the Intel printserver, that if a queue name is
invalid it defaults to queue 1 what ever that is called.)



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