Rautanen Petri petri.rautanen at
Wed Apr 12 09:36:22 GMT 2000

I have 20 Solaris 2.6-servers with NIS+ in different cities and countries
and a lot of NT4 servers in different domains and I use samba with nis+
on the Solaris-enviroment to let the NT-users access their
The NT-clients has to send their passwords in "clear-text" to access their
Their NT-username is the same as their Unix-username
(the password is not the same always, but could be).

I would like them to send their password encrypted and validate them against
their NT-account
so that they don´t have to type in their unix-password when they access the
directory in Unix
from NT. Is it security=domain i should use? And does it work with NIS+?
And must security=Domain (password server=<PDC>) check against the PDC only?

Petri Rautanen
Scania CV AB

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