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Tue Apr 11 16:58:07 GMT 2000


    I have a user who is a Window95 laptop who for some reason has the
following characteristics
    when clicking on Network Neighborhood.

    Before clicking on Network neighborhood. Opened a DOS session and can
telnet and ping to
    the samba server with no problem.

    But after closing the DOS session, Then clicking on Network
Neighborhood, The laptop goes into
    a freeze state then unfreezes. This happens till the laptop goes into a
total stop state. I tried to
    do the following:

     Kill the Network Neigborhood between states, This stops the network
neighborhood diaglog but
     Still the freeze characteristic. 

     Next I looked at the users system resources using the resource meter.
The laptop has over 70%
     and killed a couple of unwanted processes that brought it up but the
freeze state continues.

     What real strange is that the Samba Server ( Solaris 2.8  Sparc ) can
ping and traceroute to the
     laptop with no problems. 

     There samaba logs are not showing me any other problems. We did load a
new update of the SMB
     for windows but this didn't help either.

     Any suggestions would be appreciate. Also for some reason the only
thing I get from this list is the
    digest. I don't see responses from anyone who submit to this list. I did
subscribe properly to this list.
    Any suggestions on that would be apppreciated.

Phillip B. Bruce
Sr. Consultant

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