Kernel Bug in file.c 69 (experimental kernel)

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Apr 11 02:47:44 GMT 2000

[Michiel Brandenburg]
> hi there when I try to copy, move to the Samba server it generates a
> nice kernel bug.
> I'm currently running Linux-2.3.99-pre4 and samba worked fine with
> 2.2.14. (linux 2.3.49 and 2.3.50 also have this problem) The problem
> is that since that kernel the /usr/src/linux/fs/fat/file.c has
> changed a lot.

The Linux (you *do* mean Linux, right? because you didn't actually say)
kernel file system stuff is churning like mad right now.  Al Viro is
adding several related bits of functionality, driven by the needs of
the recently-added devfs and shmfs.  Quirky filesystems like vfat only
add to the confusion....


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