question SCO Unix with WindowNT 4.0

Muradin, Sharief (Sharief) smuradin at
Mon Apr 10 15:23:16 GMT 2000

I am using a SCO Unix system version 2.1.2 where I develop some 
application. This SCO Unix system is connected to a TCP/IP network.
On the same segment also a NT 4.0 server is running. This NT server
makes each day a backup of some directories on the NT server.

what I want to realise is, make a NFS directory on the SCO unix server
pointed to the NT server. So that the applications developed on the SCO
unix are directly stored on the NT server.

Who can I accomplish this with samba??
which samba commando must I  used on the UNIX system and how to configure
idem on the NT SERVER?

the samba version which is installed on the SCO Unix is: 2.0.6.

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