Setting up Samba on Red Hat Linux 6.1

Peter Nosko pnosko at
Sun Apr 9 05:04:06 GMT 2000

>   From: Peter Samuelson [mailto:peter at]
>   [Peter Nosko]
>   > Before I post the details, is this the correct list for me to get
>   > some help?
>   Yes indeed.

pn] Yahoo.  Before I get into what's not working, let me say what I'm trying
(or would like) to do.  I have a RH Linux 6.1 server on my domain.  The PDC
is currently NT 4.0 SP3.  I also have several Windows98 PCs.  I've seen
"stuff" about using Samba as the PDC.  I'd just assume leaving my NT4 box as
the PDC unless there's good reason to change this.  I'd just like to use
some disk space on the RH6.1 box as a file server for the Windows clients,
and have Samba authenticate users against the NT4 domain.

pn] I don't know much about setting up DNS (yet), so all my machines are
configured for my ISP's DNS through a Linux router/firewall (my gateway to
the internet) that I set up on an old P100 system.  I mention this in case
it is relevant.

pn] I generally followed the NHF at, except that
I didn't download Samba 2.0.6.  I have the version that came with RH6.1:
samba-2.0.5a-12.  I followed most of this document, except that when I got
to page 3 of 4, I didn't want to switch to share-level access; user-level
makes things easier with a domain already set up.  When I finished the
Windows setup, I could see the Samba Server in the Network Neighborhood, but
clicking on it yielded an error instead of listing the shares.  The GUI
error is vague; from a DOS window, doing a "net view \\linux-netbios-name"
gets me error #59.

pn] I started following the troubleshooting checklist at, and noted
the following discrepancies.  Test 4 returned my internal network address
( instead of the IP address of the Linux/Samba machine
(  Test 8 got me what I mentioned above (error #59), so I
didn't bother with test 9.  Test 10 is a GUI version of test 9.

pn] I expect that y'all will probably need more info than I provided.
Please let me know what scripts/files/command output to post.  Also, I've
seen stuff about a compatibility issue between NT4/Win98 encrypted passwords
and Samba.  If I'm trying to do something that isn't yet fully supported,
please let me know.  If so, I'd welcome suggestions for alternatives.

pn] As far as security goes, I use ipfwadm on the linux router/firewall and
will take steps there to protect the netbios ports.

pn] BTW, I've already downloaded RH6.2, and if that's part of the solution,
I'm ready to install it.

Peter Nosko

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