Server connection breaking (timeouts?)

S.A. "Pittman" Pittinger pittman at
Sat Apr 8 19:51:54 GMT 2000


Date:   Fri, 07 Apr 2000 17:08:56 +0100
From:   Mike Brodbelt <m.brodbelt at>
Subject: Server conncetion breaking (timeouts?)

>  I'm running Samba 2.0.6 on Linux here, and I'm hitting a slight hiccup.
>  When a user opens a file (usually in Word or Excel) and then goes away
>  for a long time, upon returning to it and trying to save, they get a
>  message to the effect that they've lost their connection to the server.
>  Apparently, OK'ing this and trying again works, but I'd still like to
>  know what's happening, and if there's a fix. I don't have the exact
>  message, as I've not seen it, just had reports of it....

Hi Mike,

It sounds like a timeout.  In samba, it's called dead time.   The default should
be 0 - meaning it will never
drop the connection, but you may want to check this with a testparm and grep it
for dead time.

the global parameter is

dead time = # (in minutes)

Hope that helps,


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