removing log files

Thomas Heiligenmann thomas.heiligenmann at
Fri Apr 7 15:28:20 GMT 2000

Carsten Nordstrøm Jensen wrote:
> Sorry, couldn't find anything on this by searching
> the archive.
> Haven run Samba with a debug level different
> from 0 for some time a lot of log files have been
> created. Is it safe to just remove these? Or is
> there a Samba command to clear up logs before
> or after a restart of Samba?
> - Carsten

max log size = xxx in smb.conf sets the log file size
to xxx kbytes. The log file is then renamed adding an 
.old extension and a new log file is created.
Since samba just appends its messages to the log file
it shouldn't cause problems to remove either of them at
any time.


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