network connection crashes

David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Fri Apr 7 14:22:51 GMT 2000

Carsten Jensen <north at> wrote:
| That doesn't change the crashing behaviour. Till now
| the only thing that DOES change the crashing behaviour
| is to set the debug level to 5 or above -- obviously not
| a proper solution.

	Cool: it's a timing issue, I'll bet!
	Running high logging levels slows Samba a lot,
	so let's try an experiment with one of the
	new timing options (suggested by yet another
	commentator on the list, Mark Ruedy)
		oplock break wait time  = 100
	This was discussed by Jeremy quite some time ago:
|  Someone just reported on the mailing list that upping
| "oplock break wait time" parameter from the default of 10 ms 
| to 100ms fixed oplock break problems with Windows 98.  

| If anyone is still having this problem with 2.0.6 could you 
| try this fix and let me know the result. I want to find out if 
| it improves things enough to make it the default. 


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