Problems with Intel Netport Printserver and Samba

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Wed Apr 5 15:28:30 GMT 2000

Running RH6.0 I am able to print just fine from linux, the problem now is
getting smb printing working.  I am using an Intel Netport Express PRO/100
printserver. Previous to my upgrade from RH5.2 when I had the printer 
directly connected to the samba server, I was able to print just fine from 
the windows client machines (not using the raw method)

My /etc/printcap is as follows 

##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE cdj500 300x300 letter {} DeskJet500 3 1 
##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE ljet3 300x300 letter {} LaserJet3 Default 1 

This works fine from linux. OTOH, smb printing via samba doesn't work at all.
NO data gets to the printserver and from looking around as I am printing,
nothing gets into the spooler queue either. (not 100% sure of this though) 

I pulled down my various samba books and started going through what I've done
for previous clients and remembered it was usually easiest to just use a raw
printer queue and allow the clients printer drivers to format the document 
have lpd just pass it directly to the printer without modification, thusly:  

raw|raw printer for MS Windows Clients

The problem is modifying this for use with the printserver, this is my most
recent try, that failed, can anyone see anything obviously wrong with the
setup below?



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