network connection crashes

Carsten Nordstrøm Jensen north at
Wed Apr 5 10:40:26 GMT 2000

> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> > An exception OE has appeared at 0028:C104311B in VxD ELNK3(01)+
> > 00000E4B. This was called from 0028:C004374B in VxD NDIS(01)+
> > 00006733. You may be able to continue as normal.
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> > I am NOT able to continue, I am not even able to restart
> > the computer normally, have to use power off/power on
> > method....
> Looks like a NIC drivers problem. Have you downloaded the latest
> drivers from your NIC manufacturer? You should also install the "newer"
> Win95 releases ("Win95b" or "Win95c") on your clients or apply MS'
> Win95 service releases.

Trying the newest driver for my NIC didn't help -- it changed
the  error message a bit (different VxD file) but the network
connection still crashed during the copy. And it is Windows 95
OSR2 releases (Win95b).

I am still open for suggestions.

- Carsten

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