Samba Wins server gives wrong address

David Bullock davidb at
Wed Apr 5 00:39:12 GMT 2000


I wonder if anyone knows if this is a limitation or a bug?

We need to use a print service on a Win95 PC via smbclient.

Smbclient uses wins and gets the wrong address.

The wins.dat entries for the PC are:

"OVERH2#03" 955147099  4R
"OVERH2#20" 955147100  4R
"OVERH2#00" 955147101  4R

The wins server returns

When these wins.dat entries were active, the correct address for the
PC was 

The PC is dialing in using our Telco's "Dial Connect" facility
and is assigned a different IP address each time.

The PC has an ethernet Interface (with IP 172.x.y.z style IP)
as well as this PPP interface.

We are using Samba 1.9.18P10.

I have glimpsed the 2.0.6 code and I suspect it would do the
same thing.

Why are the old addresses still there?  Should they be
timed out and discarded if not refreshed?  Does this
happen because the PC is declaring itself

I am interested in any information.

I know ways to dodge this problem - just interested
in why it is there!


David Bullock
Loftus Computing Services,
Adelaide, South Australia

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