9 shares give rpc error

don_mccall at hp.com don_mccall at hp.com
Tue Apr 4 14:07:50 GMT 2000

Hi giulioo,
The problem is not, I think with the number of shares, but with the
number of characters that the sharenames and the share comments add up

We appear to be deciding that the data will all fit into the 1024 
buffer that we can return with the SMB 0x25 reply, and we are not 
setting the smb_flg2 to let the client know that it needs to do an 
SMBReadX to get the rest of the data.  The caller of the rpc on the 
client side then must try to parse the fields we have returned in the 
1024 buffer, and realizes that it is incomplete; in fact, what happens
is if the amount of information needing to be returned is about 16 bytes
LESS than 1024, all will be well, as there are a couple of parameters
that need to be tagged onto the end of the sharename/comment
datastructure, and this will allow room for it.  If the amount of
information is Greater than 1024, we are STILL ok, because then we set a
flag that tells the client he needs to get the rest of the info with a
Heres where we stuff the error,count and total parameters at the end of
the databuffer for the reply to the enum rpc:

 *rparam_len = 8;
  *rparam = REALLOC(*rparam,*rparam_len);
  SSVAL(*rparam,0,missed ? ERRmoredata : NERR_Success);

I wasn't able to take the time to track down specifically where we
miscalculate and do NOT take this extra 8 words into account... Maybe
Jeremy or one of you other team members can take a look.  

Hope this helps,
Don McCall

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