Bug in 2.0.7pre2 (panic when editing smb.conf) solved

MANEL Rodero (LCFIB Systems Analyst) manel at fib.upc.es
Tue Apr 4 08:28:00 GMT 2000

> Known issue I think - fixed in 2.0.7pre3. Please
> download and try out.

I've downloaded 2.0.7pre3 and the problem with PANIC when you edit 
smb.conf by hand is corrected!

Many thanks!

PS1: Another problem with changing password from Windows 9x control 
password applet (not finding the Domain Controller) is solved too!

PS2: Where can I found a list of "bugs" or problems solved for every 
version of Samba, for example, from 2.0.7pre2 to 2.0.7pre3? If I had 
this file, we could see that this problem was fixed in the new release 


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