Samba 2.0.7pre3 snapshot released.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Tue Apr 4 00:33:42 GMT 2000

dennis wrote:
> Jeremy
> I was reading the list of fixes that are implemented in 2.0.7pre3. I
> didn't
> see any mention of a fix for file dates/times.
> I'm currently running 2.0.6 and had to apply a patch to fix the file
> dates/times from changing when executing a copy from WNT4 to a samba
> share.
> Did a fix get incorporated into 2.0.7pre(1-3)?? Or will I have to patch
> it also?

Check out the WHATSNEW.txt file for 2.0.7preX - item (51)
is what you're looking for.

51). Fix for timestamps being set incorrectly on copied files from
Paul Eggert.


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	Samba Team.

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