Printing to a Jet Direct card

Roberto Mello robertom at
Mon Apr 3 22:42:44 GMT 2000

  I had a great headache to get this going here, untill I read an article
on Linux Gazette that explained about Jeet Direct cards.
  We have 15 Jet direct card with their own IP addresses. You setup samba
normally but the secret is in the /etc/printcap file. You have to tell the
GNU/Linux LPD to send the job to a remote queue (the Jet Direct box, which
has a LPD built-in) and send to the right queue in the Jet Direct
  Here's an example of an entry in my /etc/printcap file:

##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE ljet4 600x600 letter {} LaserJet4 Default {}
	I have documented everything that I did on
	The only thing that is not there are the cronjob entries that I
added to clean the spool directory every night (for some reason the
Windows boxes do not delete them after finishing). All my users print as
guest (ftp) so my crontab entry looks like this:

00 2 * * * find /var/spool/samba -user ftp -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -r
rm -f
15 2 * * * find /var/spool/lpd -user ftp -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -r rm

	Hope this helps,

	Roberto Mello

On Sun, 2 Apr 2000, Barbour, Scott Alan  TSgt wrote:

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> Hi Everyone,
> Will samba handle printing to a printer connected to the network with
> a jet direct card.  I currently print to a locally connected laser
> jet 4 plus and need to add a color printer as well.  Will samba
> handle printing to an IP address or is the only solution to try and
> add another parrallel port.  I am running RH 6.1 and Samba 2.06.  I
> have read all the print documentation and didn't find anything that
> covered this.
> Thanks in advance.
> Scott A. Barbour
> Network Systems Controller
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