PC Virus scanning on *nix side?

Christian Perrier perrier at onera.fr
Mon Apr 3 17:18:53 GMT 2000

Quoting Steve Frampton (frampton at j-com.co.jp):
> Hi:
> I'm just wondering what some of you are using for virus scanners -- a scan
> of all of our shares indicated the presence of several viruses.  It would

I run Network Associates Viruscan on my samba servers. I wrote
scripts for performing a daily scan on files modified less than X
days ago, and a weekly scan on all samba shares.

I'm not aware of any "on demand" virus scannins software.

You can find a fully functionnal evaluation version of Viruscan for
Linux on NAI Web site : http://www.nai.com and look around..:)

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