pwdump on german NT

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Apr 3 17:18:12 GMT 2000

Michael Sievers wrote:

> I had trouble getting the pwdump program to work correctly on a german
> version of NT4SP3.
> I believe the problem is based on the fact that the german group
> 'Administrators' is called 'Administratoren', and Administrators is
> hard-coded into the utility. Would it be possible to make that an optional
> parameter?
> Unfortunately, I have no access to a C-Compiler on an NT-station, so I
> cannot try it myself to ensure that this really was the problem.
> I have found no way of manually modifying the rights on the SAM that was
> reversible, so I'd like to see pwdump work on foreign (german) NTs.

Sorry about that. I added the stupid "Administrators"
check in an unsuccessful attempt to convince the press
that pwdump was not a hacking tool :-).

You'll need to get someone with a C compiler to re-compile
without this (pointless) check.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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