smbfs and i/o errors

David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Mon Apr 3 11:24:05 GMT 2000

Arno van Wouwe wrote:
|				 I'm experiencing a problem
| with smbfs. You can mount shares, but after a while, the connection is
| broken and all sorts of strange stuff happens. I've got a share called
| /mnt/ntshare which remotely mounts an NT host:

	For some reason, we've seen a lot of "Windows machine
	has disconnected" issues this year. The common case
	is a client conks out, but someone else reported a
	smbfs problem, too.
	These are always hard, as the Windows machines don't 
	always log usefull information: you might try turning
	Samba-side log level up to 3, but the best diagnostic
	is a packet-capture of the sequence that led to the 
	disconnect. If you can reproduce the problem, you might
	put a packet log up for ftp or http transfer...
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