network connection crashes

Carsten Nordstrøm Jensen north at
Mon Apr 3 07:57:32 GMT 2000

Since I get any response I try again -- hoping that somebody
have ANY idea!

A network with a RedHat 6.0 linux server and samba 2.0.6 and
Windows 95 clients:

When I for example copy large (binary?) files from
local drives to one of my Samba shares I VERY often
experience that the network connection to the
Win95 machine crashes. The lovely Windows Blue-Screen
message about an exception  appears, with a message something
like (translated from danish):
An exception OE has appeared at 0028:C104311B in VxD ELNK3(01)+
00000E4B. This was called from 0028:C004374B in VxD NDIS(01)+
00006733. You may be able to continue as normal.
I am NOT able to continue, I am not even able to restart
the computer normally, have to use power off/power on

I have found a workaround -- I can just establish a
ftp-connection to the server and copy the files
via that. Apparantly that never fails. It is rather
ackward, though.

PLEASE someone -- how do I diagnose the problem?

- Carsten

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