[patch] Re: Samba 2.0.7pre3 snapshot released.

Hiroshi MIURA miura at blue.gr.jp
Mon Apr 3 04:11:31 GMT 2000


I found bug on mapping codepage 932 to unicode.
A patch was up before in

This is not fixed in pre3, yet.

The problem is related to Codepage 932(Japanese).

1. convert from Unicode to CP932 is correct
2. convert form CP932 to Unicode is INCORRECT, because
 mapping from Unicode to CP932 is N:1 mapping. 
 So, CP to Unicode is good, but in Unicode to CP we must decide
 whether code is correct. 
3. In 2.0.7pre3,  mapping of only 12 chars are incorrect.

Thanks a lot to your efforts. 

MIURA, Hiroshi   samba user group in JAPAN
miura at samba.gr.jp, miura at blue.gr.jp

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