[newbie]: Samba as a server for Win98 PCs

Alex Yu yua at artlover.com
Mon Apr 3 00:01:01 GMT 2000

> 1) Turn one of the PCs to a linux box with samba.


> 2) That the linux PC provides login access to the other PCs.  (I want to
> eliminate the possibility of the users log  in a Win98 PC and wreck the


> 3) That the linux PC controls all hard disks (12) and allocates
> quotas for each users.

it is not possible to control all hard disks since you are running windows
98.  in fact, there is no way to control all win98's hard disks.  unless you
force all users to save files on the samba server shares, where you can make
easy to have its own profile folder alwong with file folder.  but no way to
control.  run windows nt, and use ntfs.

> 4) That the linux PC have a share with all software (Windows 98 software)
> needed in the network.


> 5) That Samba is only seen by the 12 PCs and close for the rest the world.


> 6) That Linux-samba grants or not access to the Internet.

well, you can use this linux box to ack as a gateway server.

i would recommend you to read all DOCS that come with but source package.
most of your questions are pretty well documented in there.


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