Configuration woes corrected

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Apr 2 22:56:55 GMT 2000

[Dave C-B]
> I wonder if Samba should specifically disgnose this missing symlink
> and suggest the user do the Linus-defined"right thing".

Well, the missing symlink will break a *lot* of compiles besides Samba,
so in my opinion it's not Samba's problem.  In this case, although I
think the *problem* is inherent to Red Hat's approach, the *symptom* is
just a plain bug, which they have probably fixed by now, where they
should have put the link in.

Then again, it wouldn't be too hard to put something like

  if [ -n "$IS_LINUX" -a ! -d /usr/include/asm ]; then
    echo >&2 "Mis-configured Linux system"
    echo >&2 "Please make sure /usr/include/asm points to a valid directory"
    echo >&2 "Quite possibly what you need is a symlink in"
    echo >&2 "/usr/src/linux/include from asm-* to asm"
    exit 1;



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