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naismith at st-andrews.ac.uk naismith at st-andrews.ac.uk
Sun Apr 2 20:56:16 GMT 2000

Hi Guys,
	We are having the weirdest problem with all SAMBA version 2.05 to 
2.07pre 3
SAMBA is running on DEC UNIX 4.0F

For no reason that we can see
some users are no longer being allowed to connect to their shares.

We see the problem with WIN95, 98 2000 (all plain passwd)

Let me explain more clearly

If I map netowrk drive //joequimby/naismith
my own user and passwd are not recognised (failed to mount)

I can logon on read only to my share by using another users id and passwd

I can mount writeable  their share using their id and passwd

So passwd information is apparently being sent correctly.

The passwd is random letters and numbers no special characters.

So it is not related the PC (we have tried from all 3 operating systems 
the error/behavior is the same from each).

For some reason some users are being shut out for no reason I can see.

Once you are shut out it seems you are out. I was shutout once I upgraded 
to WIN2000 (no change on SAMBA host). But now I am shut out from 
share connections even with WIN98 machines

These people are shut out even when there are no other connections.

I have an old SG box running SAMBA 1.9 and those locked out by SAMBA 2.0 
+  can access just fine (although the problems with 1.9 are still there).

Any directiosn for help would be most appreciated.
I am in real problems without my drive.

A number (and increasing number) of other users are in the same boat.


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