Printing to a Jet Direct card

Thomas Heiligenmann thomas.heiligenmann at
Sun Apr 2 17:01:09 GMT 2000

"Barbour, Scott Alan TSgt" wrote:
> Will samba handle printing to a printer connected to the network with
> a jet direct card.  I currently print to a locally connected laser
> jet 4 plus and need to add a color printer as well.  Will samba
> handle printing to an IP address or is the only solution to try and
> add another parrallel port.  I am running RH 6.1 and Samba 2.06.  I
> have read all the print documentation and didn't find anything that
> covered this.

JetDirect boxes work fine under IP. You have to setup your printer under
your underlying *nix first - see 'man printcap' for details. Remote 
printer name for a single JetDirect is 'raw'.
Don't forget to restart your printing system when you made the changes
on /etc/printcap. Your network printer should be accessable via Samba

Good luck,

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