Problems accessing SMB service from Win98

Michel Meyers muns at
Sat Apr 1 20:36:50 GMT 2000

Hi there,

I'm currently trying to set up SAMBA on SuSE 6.3 but I just can't get it to
let my Windows 98 PC in. I created a share and I can access it using
smbclient but when I try to click on the System in the Network Neighbourhood
or by typing \\Arris\share in Start -> Run all I get is "\\Arris is not
available the computer or sharename cannot be found ..." or "The Network
Name was not found".

This is driving me up the walls! What on earth do I need to set? Share or
Userlevel? Which guest user? Accounce as what? Which Protocol? I've tried
numerous combinations but I just can't get it to let me in!

Can anybody help me please? I managed to compile the kernel, set up a UT
server and get the dhcp daemon to run so I suppose can't be that stupid?


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