Sharity anyone?

Chris Watt cnww at
Sat Apr 1 16:31:45 GMT 2000

At 05:32 AM 4/1/00 -0600, Peter Samuelson wrote:

>Let me know where I can find smbmount for a non-Linux system. (:
>As I am fond of saying, "Linux isn't Red Hat-only, and Unix isn't
>Linux-only."  One could add "and Samba isn't Unix-only."

Actually I'm fully aware of this, I run Solaris, Redhat Linux, PPC Linux
and a few flavors of Windows. I've just never wanted to use a Windows
machine as a server, and would be terrified of the idea of having a "real"
computer depend on one, so I have never used the samba client programs
except for testing SMB servers (I've had some browse-list issues). Since I
have never had trouble getting a machine to connect to a share once it
could see it, I've never even attempted to mount an SMB share on a *ix
system, and was blissfully unaware of the fact that it relied on smbfs
which was only found in Linux. 
	I do admit to being a bit linux-centric in my views. Since the advent of
good software RAID I have been installing Linux on every server and most
workstations I configure; even the Sun boxes. Linux is just plain faster
than SunOS/Solaris and MUCH faster and more stable than MacOS/Windows for
most of what the systems are used for, and it gives me a common platform
across all sorts of weird outdated hardware. . . IMHO this is a Good
Thing(tm). n.b. Don't get me wrong, other OS's certainly have their
strengths, heck I wouldn't be on this mailing list if I didn't have some
Windows boxes around (including the one I'm using to write this e-mail),
and I tend to use commercial *ix for mission critical apps (right now this
is exclusively SunOS, but I'm not biased against others). I tend to think
of Linux as being something in between, so I use it for anything that isn't
either a pure GUI "office computer" or a dedicated mission-critical server.

Irony: Bill Gates claims to be making a stable Operating System,
and Linus Torvalds claims to be taking over the world.

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