Samba on Linux with no ACL's is making things tough

Michael Marschall michaelm at
Sat Apr 1 15:43:28 GMT 2000

Yes I think this might be one of the few answeres for this. I just find it
hard to believe that other people are not having this problem/limitation.

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On Sat, 1 Apr 2000, Peter Samuelson wrote:

> [Michael Marschall]
> > I am presently in the process of moving my company's file server from
> > Windows NT 4.0 over to Linux with SAMBA and the lack of ACL support
> > in the ext2 filesystem is making things very difficult to design. To
> > clarify I am NOT writing about Samba's support for NT ACL's on
> > NTFS. I am writing to possibly get some tips for getting around the
> > lack of ACL's in ext2. I know that ReiserFS and SGI's XFS both have
> > support for ACL's, but these are beta file systems and that is not
> > acceptable. Also I know there are projects for ACL support in ext2,
> > but there are also at the most beta code.
> Samba does not directly support ACLs on any OS.  That is to say, you
> can't manipulate them from the client.  Sounds like this wouldn't be a
> problem for you, as you would set it all up directly on the server.
> I don't know much about ReiserFS -- at least not firsthand, since I
> haven't tried it -- but SuSE ships and supports it.  Now, it is true
> that Al Viro (kernel VFS guru) doesn't like the shape ReiserFS is in,
> but (a) Al is very demanding, and (b) mostly what he doesn't like about
> is is that it may well have boundary conditions ripe for security
> holes.  Shouldn't be a problem if you don't give out shell accounts to
> untrusted people -- we're not talking about *remote* exploits here.
> I would give it a try.  Perhaps using SuSE, since they're the ones who
> are actually shipping ReiserFS standard.
> Peter

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