multiple Administrator accounts

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Apr 1 12:50:59 GMT 2000

[Eric Dahnke]
> How can I allow users to use the Administrator accounts on their
> local machines and login into the samba PDC?

If you're logging in as a local user, the PDC shouldn't be involved at
all.  This should always work.  Even if you unplug from the network.

I suspect you are not talking about logins but about file service.  If
you want to use Samba as a file server, you will have a problem, since
as you say Samba has a flat namespace for users.  This is by design,
and Jeremy Allison, at least, thinks it is desirable.  Luke Leighton
doesn't; he is trying to add multiple-domain awareness to Samba-TNG
using lookup tables.  (I'm not sure of the status of this effort,
though I know it isn't complete.)

Meanwhile, I believe you are out of luck.  You may have to go around
and rename all your local administrator accounts.  Which is a PITA for
you and for all your little local administrators, but at least renaming
an account in NT is not very hard....


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